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Our Team

Great destinations, well planned itineraries, competitive pricing are all important. But our team is what makes it all click. Here are the key people who head up the Bohemian Tours team dedicated to giving you expert, friendly, caring service.

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Tara Das

Director of Bohemian Tours

First visited Nepal and India in 1989 and kept coming back. Thinking that good things are meant to be shared, he started Bohemian Tours. He takes special satisfaction in getting messages from clients who describe having the trip of a lifetime. Tara is proud of the incredible and dedicated Bohemian Tours team who are always refining their service to you.



India Tour Coordinator 

Mukesh ji coordinates our India tours. For the last ten years he has headed up a team of handpicked guides leading international groups throughout the subcontinent. His passion for sharing India's rich cultural heritage and his amiable personality have endeared him to the thousands of visitors he has guided over the years. He is a rare gem.



Nepal Tour Coordinator 

Mr. Rajan coordinates our Nepal, Bhutan, and Tibet tours and treks. With 19 years of experience he leads a large team of highly trained and  friendly, multi lingual guides and dedicated porters. You are assured of having an authentic and memorable experience under Rajan's expert care. He also has a huge heart in working with local charitable causes.



Nanda is a seasoned Bhakti and Hatha Yogi. He regularly visits India to deepen and refine his understanding and skills. He takes pleasure in sharing the benefits gained over his 12 years of dedicated practice. His gentle and focused classes match his personality. In his classes you'll enjoy a blend of traditional yoga, Vedic wisdom, and meditation. He'll be joining many of the North India adventures as a friend and reliable guide.

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